Exponential Impact: 

Exploring Enterprise-Wide Use For Remote Assistance Software

Virtual and augmented reality were considered futuristic topics for many companies in 2019, but the pandemic forced business leaders to adopt this technology to enable high-impact virtual customer experiences when on-site or in-person engagements were not an option.

In this webinar, we will explore the expanding set of use cases now being implemented across the enterprise and the exponential benefits of doing so, including:

  • Field Service. Field service is where many companies start their VR/AR journey, allowing technicians to inspect and diagnose issues remotely, as well as provide immersive help to customers for self-service troubleshooting and parts replacement.
  • Education Services. Augmented reality is especially effective for complex hardware training, providing the hands-on experience of classroom learning, with virtual images overlaid on their real environment with step-by-step processes and instructions.
  • Customer Success. The ability to provide customer onboarding using a digital version of reality keeps users engaged and interested and can accelerate adoption of new technology.
  • Sales. The use of immersive technologies allows the sales team to demonstrate value with a virtual walk-through of a product or a piece of complex equipment. Complicated technologies that can be presented in the context of the product can help the customer relate better to the solution and its benefits.

Enterprise-wide use brings exponential savings and efficiencies through a lower cost to serve, better utilization of human resources, reduced travel and dispatch costs, and an increase in end-customer satisfaction.

Real-world examples will be provided in this session, as well as best practices for rapid adoption by employees and customers and an overview of a standard implementation, with no data scientists required.

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