Why Virtual Expertise?

Reduce Truck Rolls

Reduce expensive truck rolls by applying expertise instantly from anywhere. “Teleport” your experts to where they are needed to help customers or less experienced techs.

Identify tools and parts needed before workers travel to the job; get it right the first time and eliminate delays and multiple trips.

Inspect the quality and correctness of work remotely to assure it meets company standards.

Increase RMR!

Enhance the value of customer service plans by offering virtual expertise for fast, non-intrusive remote support.

Improve profitability by leveraging greater productivity against fixed Help Lightning license cost.

Deploy high-tech solutions that reinforce your high-tech brand and improve your company’s customer satisfaction and net promoter scores.

Attract and Retain Better People

Attract and retain Millennial and Gen Y employees by providing training tools like Help Lightning that appeal to digital natives.

Provide faster, more effective on-the-job training for new hires and junior technicians.

Solve customer problems remotely on nights and weekends (= happier employees & customers).


Take an Animated Tour!

See an overview of Help Lightning’s features and capabilities in less than two minutes!

Use your existing smart devices

No need to buy new hardware! Help Lightning uses existing mobile devices (iOS, Android), a web browser, or smart glasses to allow experts to visually collaborate with a colleague or customer as though they were working side-by-side. And there's no need for your customers to download an app. When you send an invitation to your customers, they can join a call from their mobile web browser.


Testimonial from a CEDIA Member

AVX Commercial Inc. has partnered with Help Lightning to provide virtual expertise in support of their customers and techs. Wanting to brand the solution to support their mission, AVX chose Help Lightning's premium White Label solution to sell the service as “Service Excellence.” This reinforces the most critical component of the customer experience they deliver. Download the PDF to learn more.